Regional Conference on Climate Change

Climate Change Risks and Opportunities: Respond, Not React

25-27 September 2019 | Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia


Presentation slides for the RCCC event can be downloaded below. Click on the topics to start downloading.

Panel Discussion 1:
Climate Change: Managing Financial Risk

Panel Discussion 2:
Climate Change: Realising Opportunities

Fireside Chat:
Impact of Climate Change to ASEAN

Panel Discussion 3:
Climate Reporting and Adoption of the TCFD Recommendations

Panel Discussion 4:
Integrating Climate Change and Managing Climate-Related Risks: Practical Experiences

Panel Discussion 5:
Taxonomy: Learning from Best Practices and Global Standards

Parallel Workshop 1:
Technical Workshop on Taxonomy

Parallel Workshop 2:
Insurance/Takaful Technical Workshop on Integration of Climate-related Risk in Insurance/ Takaful Product

Parallel Workshop 3:
Addressing Climate Change through Capital Markets

Regional Conference on Climate Change 2019